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Ensure accessibility of organic and biological food on your mobile. We guarantee healthy food by checking and approving the source before it is offered to the retailer and consumer.
Through collaboration with universities, we will develop tests and check crops by means of sampling per harvest at the producer.

Retailers purchasing from producers have guaranteed healthy food to work with and resell to consumers. will ensure transparency in the food chain and fair healthy food that is ultimately consumed by the consumer. We want to become the "really good & healthy food" quality mark.

Our mission is to serve an improved healthier community on healthy food, stimulate the regional economy and realize a healthier ecosystem with less CO2 emissions.

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Real Healthy Food
Organic, biological, controlled and certified food from our region

By bringing food Producers and Retailers together in our mobile app, we want to offer consumers transparency in the food chain.

Our goal is to sell healthy food to our city.

CO2 Neutral Transport
Reduction of CO2 and other chemical emissions in our region

By working together with CO2 neutral transport companies, we will develop new routes and draw up new plans to reduce traffic nuisance in the city, while also collecting CO2 data during delivery. This allows us to monitor CO2 reduction in the region and cities. Measuring is knowing.
Our goal is to improve our air quality by reducing emissions of fine particles, a healthy ecosystem for our community!

United Community
Ensuring awareness in the community and caring for our region

By involving citizens in a joint collaboration for a better environment and future of future generations, we want to form an online community for the realization of urban gardens, recycling materials for new products and developing transport technologies that are CO2 neutral.

Our environment is our concern
By consciously dealing with food, we want to reduce the overproduction of food and waste.

Recycling raw materials for producing new products and innovating in design for a circular economy.
By involving creative people from our region, endless creative experiments will arise where prototypes are created with materials that have been recycled for new product design and development.

How does the summus food blockchain works?

Producer uploads new raw material, verifies it, retailers discovers and order the raw materials.
The consumer can verify product authenticity, select the food of choice and order it with CO2 neutral delivery!

authenticity and certification

The producer collects and selects the raw material for certification.
The producer uploads their products to and sends us raw samples for Q&A. checks the samples, keeps track of the location-based data, day and time, photos and videos. declines or aproves the product according to results of organic standards. thanks the association with a unique QR-code guarantees the authenticity and origin of the raw materials.

transparent food supply blockchain

Product is made available by including each step along the manufacturing process.
Retailers and consumers can follow multimedia data collected and sent to summus Food Blockchain. guaranties the authenticy of stored raw materials and product information.
In this way the manufacturing chain becomes more transparent and accessible for retailers and consumers. food blockchain improves quality control and sharing management systems for food production processes.

smart shopping with

Dashboard for producers, retailers, CO2 neutral transport and consumers for ordering food, pickup deliveries, follow realtime orders and publish food information.

Scan QR-code with your smartphone before purchasing goods and read the information about the product gathered along the production process. You can verify yourself authenticity and organoleptic properties thanks to data recorded along the manufacturing food blockchain.

share the shopping experience

Tell us about your experience as a consumer or retailer, verify whether the product keeps its promises, share your ratings with a virtual community and the producer: in this way you will contribute to conscious consumption and improve the manufacturing food process and products.

The mobile app - suMMus .earth

Our mobile application ensures transparency in the food chain and promotes CO2 reduction in the region.

The consumer has the choice of what to order with the transparency of the retailer to the producer.
In this way, an original food chain is created that serves real healthy food with CO2 neutral home delivery. It is also possible to make a table reservation or pick up your own food at the desired time. This distinguishes us from other delivery services.

Whoever orders with supports the reduction of CO2 emissions in the region.

We deliver 100% healthy food, order at any desired location in the region and CO2 neutral.

Register now as a consumer, retailer, producer or CO2 neutral transport company and join our pilot in Amsterdam region end Q1 2018!

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