- Guaranteed healthy food delivered to any location!

How we do it

Using the blockchain technology we follow food products since their creation, tracking them step by step along all the supply chain. So everyone can see at every time all data related to food products: that’s possible by the means of univocal codes, which contain all the information regarding the production and supply process. We use Qr Code and Tag NFC/Rfid, without limits in term of data storage.

This is an example...


a secured and georeferred identification of agribusiness company


product guarantee and authenticity


no more logistics problems with a complete transport monitoring


raw material transformation processes verified step by step, for a better quality control

For whom we do it

All agribusiness company who want to promote their excellence to final costumers, in terms of certified quality and transparency. Farmers, distributors and sellers can improve their image and process control with a strong costs reduction and consequently more earnings.


Foodchain let all the agribusiness company to extend their potential market sectors. At every product can be associated a huge amount of verified information (video, images, certificates, etc.).


Transparency offered by Foodchain represents a plus against competitors: a very innovative way to promote Made in Holland all over the world.


Traceability lets an agribusiness company to follow every product along all the supply chain, monitoring quality step by step. In this way, our customers can prevent system malfunctions, adopting timely countermeasures for guarantee costs control.


Foodchain data storage guarantee a secure preservation level. Every company is tracked univocally and every information is validated before data storage. If someone try to alter registered data (by insert or modifying information), Foodchain identifies and stop the process, assuring a total protection against counterfeit.


Thanks to Foodchain data storage, an agribusiness company can communicate more directly to end-costumers by means of newsletters, sales proceeds, events and on-site visits. In this way it can be improved customer satisfaction, with a more purchase awareness for agribusiness sectors.

process control

Foodchain is easy to implement in an existing process control system and allows a more efficient and up-to-date monitoring of quality requirements. A controlled process lets a more immediate product recall when a potential risk occurs.